What we're about in 2 minutes



What we're about in 2 minutes

There are between 6-7000 young people (YP) aged 11-18 in the greater Carlisle area. An educated guess is that there is a maximum of 150 in that age group that attend all of our churches (both Anglican and other denominations). We are a Network Youth Church that works across parish boundaries in Carlisle city and the surrounding villages. Our primary work is done by building up new or helping resource established youth cells, youth groups, CUs, etc. We are a fresh expression of church, where we hope that by participating in our cells or groups the YPs will have as full an expression of church as possible.


Some highlights from our Instagram feed:


Vision & Purpose

Vision & Purpose

We are about getting young people to R.E.A.C.T. to Christ’s amazing love for them:

The Network exists to REACH out to the teenagers in the greater Carlisle area, in order that they may EXALT God together, to help them to find their way(s) to ACT out their faith, CONNECT them with other Christians, and to TRAIN them in their faith.
  • REACH is our word for EVANGELISM
  • EXALT is our word for WORSHIP
  • ACT is our word for SERVICE
  • CONNECT is our word for FELLOWSHIP
  • TRAIN is our word for DISCIPLESHIP

We hope to accomplish this by focusing and encouraging these three simple actions:


First and foremost we want to help young people experience God’s love and for them to love Him back, but also to love the people around us.
(Matthew 28:19-20, Luke 10:27, John 3:16)


We also want to see young people grow as disciples (Matthew 28:18) in a community; that every day they become a little more like Jesus.
(Matthew 28:18, 2 Cor. 5:17,  Gal. 2:20, Eph 4:12)


We also want to equip young people to serve, to love others and to grow in leadership.
(Luke 6:17-19, Matt 10:5-20, Eph 4:11-13)

If you want to really nerd out and read all the detailed vision, purpose and strategy stuff you can get a PDF of that stuff here:

The Team

The Team


Hanna Salong, Intern

Hanna is this year's intern. She's from Tallin in Estonia. 

She's really into singing and playing guitar. She's even in a folk band(!)

We're pretty excited about her coming here to serve God and the young people of Carlisle!

Kristian Pic.JPG

Kristian tjemsland, NYC leader

Kristian runs the NYC in the Carlisle area. He's originally from Norway, but has bounced around living in Hong Kong, Northern Ireland and USA. He's lived in Carlisle since 2012.

He's married way above his station to Leah, and has three crazy, but awesome boys.

He can usually be found hanging out with young people in a park, around a pool table or playing UNO at a school lunch club.



Sophie is an indispensable part of the Carlisle NYC team. She's originally from Norway, but has spent time In working in Sheffield and St. Helens before she arrived here.

Sophie is just about the best thing since donuts were invented. She's got a HUUUUGE heart for young people!